TandemLaunch March updates

In March we hosted a panel discussion for Women’s Day & Deeplite was recognized by CB Insights 2020 AI100 Most Innovative AI Startups. Want to hear more? Find all our updates below.

  1. International Women’s Day — This month, we hosted a panel discussion to talk about the professional challenges faced by women, in an effort to create awareness and to open up the floor for discussion and idea sharing on how we can all work towards equality.
    Watch our video here or read our latest article “International Women’s Day is an awareness campaign
  2. Deeplite has been recognized by CB Insights 2020 AI100 Most 
    Innovative AI Startups!
  3. Stratuscent featured article — Unlocking the potential of scent detection.
    Read the full article here.
    Watch the video here.
  4. Algolux won the TechAD Award for Most Innovative Use of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in the Development of Autonomous Vehicles & Respective Technologies!
  5. C2RO Perceive™ is different from other retail technologies. Learn more here.
  6. Contxtful is part of the ethical revolution of advertising. Read more here (FR only)

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