June Monthly Moments

June has been exciting here at TandemLaunch!

This month, Nikon invested USD $7.5M in wrnch, Deeplite won the Quebec Innovation Award from Startup Canada, C2RO launched their new product, and TandemLaunch has a new Marketing & Branding Specialist. Check out all our June highlights below!

  1. C2RO Raises $2.25 M Financing to Commercialize Portfolio of Enterprise Grade Cloud A.I. Services
  2. Nikon partners with wrnch and invests USD $7.5M in the company.
  3. IRYStec was nominated as a 2019 TU-Automotive Awards Finalist.
  4. Deeplite has been selected as the Quebec Region Winner for the 2019 Innovation Award.
  5. Deeplite has been accepted to the mobilityXlab innovation hub.
  6. Algolux has enabled today’s vehicle and smartphones cameras to see around corners.
  7. C2RO launched their new product C2RO Perceive.