July Monthly Moments

This month, Algolux and Mila Enter Artificial Intelligence Research Partnership and Landr raised $26M in Series B Financing. Check out all our July highlights below!

  1. Algolux and Mila Enter Artificial Intelligence have formed a research partnership for Computer Vision.
  2. The cloud-based music mastering and distribution platform Landr raised a $26 million Series B round of funding, with major investment from the Sony Innovation Fund.
  3. The Point’s statistics in the NHL season 2018–19 are powered by Sportlogiq.
  4. IRYStec Software Inc. Video with TandemLaunch’s Founder & CEO, Helge Seetzen discussing the impact of the display industry.
  5. August Preview: Marketing a start-up — Pre and Post Funding Event. Learn the important aspects of your marketing plan including do’s and don’ts for your investor pitch.

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