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Big Data

Congratulations to Emanuel Peinke and Mohamed Fouda from Optius

Optius is a recently formed start-up that uses light to solve one of the biggest problems in modern computation: Time and energy consumption of data transfer. We believe that emerging technologies, like autonomous driving, will benefit significantly from our technology. The extremely fast computation would allow true and robust real-time decision making. We foresee applications for Artificial Intelligence, Big data, High-performance computing, Autonomous driving, and High-frequency trading.

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Intellectual Property & Secrecy


The two business types use intellectual property very differently. Traditional start-ups use intellectual property to protect their business and Mark’s problem is spot on. It takes millions of dollars to fund effective patent litigation and start-ups don’t have that kind of money. University spin-offs on the other hand don’t just protect their business with patents, patents are their business.

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