Aerial Technologies enables broader access to affordable Remote Care utilizing your home WiFi

No Hardware, No wearables, No installation or invasive cameras, a truly game changing solution

Montreal, May 5th, 2020 — Aerial Technologies, a Montreal-based AI company, announced today the launch of the world’s first AI-based ambient Remote Care Solution. Aerial’s leading team of experts have been working for the past 5 years on its ground-breaking technology patented in 2010 to create this state-of-the-art solution which can use the existing WiFi infrastructure available in people’s homes without requiring any additional hardware! This new technology changes the paradigm of the TeleCare industry; it enables broader access to Remote Care at a fraction of the cost, as well as greater convenience with its passive non-invasive approach.

Analyzing the disruption in the WiFi signals created by motion in the home, Aerial’s AI processing infershuman activities to create smart solutions that make lives better. Aerial’s Remote Care Solution will help numerous elders and their families to have access to an affordable and intuitive solution without any required installation, wearables or devices. Aerial’s Remote Care allows the family or caregiver to obtain key indicators and valuable insights into the state of an Elder’s well-being as well as be informed of any concerning behavioral trends or events via an accompanying smartphone App.

Parks Associates data shows that 90% of seniors consider it “very important” to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible, and Wi-Fi adoption in senior households is increasingly widespread. “87% of consumers in U.S. broadband households ages 65–74 and 76% of those ages 75 and older report using Wi-Fi at home,” reports Jennifer Kent, Senior Director, Parks Associates. “The groundwork is laid for home services providers to offer seniors connected solutions that helps them age actively, safely, and in coordination with family and professional caregivers.”

New, yet well founded, this solution is endorsed by industry leaders such as Dr. Sheldon Elman, Founder of Medisys Health Group: “The Aerial Remote Care Solution is a revolution in TeleCare. It’s the latest cutting-edge technology and care built in a way that is personalized, and comprehensive. It is especially needed in our current pandemic crisis. I hope service providers will take the opportunity to offer this solution to the most vulnerable, our elders.”

This innovation revolutionizes the TeleCare market by leveraging the existing Wireless infrastructure: “We were able to create an elevated solution and harvest the full potential of WiFi Motion Intelligence with our patented technology” says Dr Sam Heidari, Chairman of the board : “The effort made on years of research and development in our AI platform is now showing unmatched potential, allowing Aerial to quickly introduce advanced and robust motion intelligence services, with a lot more exciting features coming soon.”

With strong investors such as Telefonica Innovation Ventures, Aerial Technologies enables Service Providers to add value to their offering: “The investment in Aerial by Telefónica Innovation Ventures, corporate venture capital of Telefónica, seeks the aim of building a strategic partnership to complete Grupo Telefonica’s value proposition.” Guenia Gawendo, Managing Director of Telefónica Innovation Ventures “Telefonica is committed to working on finding responses to the great challenges of our near future”.

The Aerial Remote Care solution is available for integration with Service Providers worldwide. To learn more about this opportunity and how you can begin providing Remote Care to your customers, please contact Aerial at and start your turnkey pilot!


About Aerial Technologies

Established in 2015, Aerial Technologies is a pioneer in WiFi Motion Intelligence. Aerial Technologies’ patented technology analyzes wireless infrastructure to infer human activities and enable customers and partners to develop practical applications that improve daily life. The company is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To learn more, view the website at

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