Montreal (Quebec), August 21, 2019 — Deeplite, Inc., a Montreal-based start-up that uses artificial intelligence (“AI”) to automatically make deep neural networks faster, lighter and energy-efficient — creating Lightweight IntelligenceTM — today announced the appointment of successful Canadian technology entrepreneur Nick Romano as President and CEO. After being spun out of TandemLaunch, a company creator and seed fund, the appointment of Mr. Romano is an important step towards the full-scale commercialization of Deeplite’s software platform.

Deeplite is an automated proprietary solution that allows AI teams to optimize their deep learning models for deployment from cloud to edge computing. Deeplite optimized models significantly reduce cloud expenses for cloud-based AI solutions and can enable direct deployment to edge devices such as autonomous cars, IoT devices and smartphones, creating new opportunities for applications such as computer vision and medical AI, without being tethered to the cloud.

“I am thrilled to be joining such a passionate and experienced team of technologists and entrepreneurs that are behind this game-changing technology. I believe that Lightweight IntelligenceTM will be the catalyst to bring AI to what we use in everyday life,” said Nick Romano, President and CEO of Deeplite, Inc.”

“As an accomplished serial entrepreneur and CEO, Nick brings the required experience to scale and achieve the successful commercialization of Deeplite’s solution. Artificial intelligence, especially deep learning, can fundamentally change the way OEMs, chip manufacturers, cloud service providers and other enterprises bring new technologies to market,” said Helge Seetzen, General Partner and CEO of TandemLaunch.

Nick Romano is a seasoned entrepreneur and senior enterprise technology executive experienced in growing and scaling technology companies. Nick founded and grew Messagepoint (f.k.a. Prinova) into a global PROFIT500 company. He was recently honoured by McMaster University’s Engineering Faculty as being one of their Top 150 Distinguished Alumni for the role they’ve played in shaping Canada and the world.

About Deeplite Founded in 2018 and based in Montreal, Deeplite is an early-stage AI software company dedicated to enabling deep learning in the devices we use every day. Deeplite researches, designs and develops intelligent optimization software powered by reinforcement learning to make Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) faster, smaller and energy-efficient from cloud to edge computing.

Deeplite has received many industry recognitions including the 2019 Innovation Award for the Region of Quebec and is one of the 7 global emerging technology companies to have been invited to participate in MobilityXlab. More information is available on the company’s website in the news section:

Contact Information: Nick Romano President and CEO

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