Congratulations to Naeem Komeilipoor and Lex Schindler from AAVAA — our latest incubation!

AAVAA is a Montréal-based start-up with the dream to give everyone the power to seamlessly control their auditory environment without fumbling with devices. AAVAA solutions capitalize on the novelty of Brain and Biosignal Synthesis, the robustness of Acoustics, and the strength of Artificial Intelligence. We are building a bionic ear that selectively hears what you desire to hear without any cumbersome assumptions.

Naeem Komeilipoor, Ph.D. — Co-founder, Technical Lead

Naeem is a neuroscientist and biomedical engineer. His current research lies at the intersection between Neuroscience, Acoustics, and Artificial Intelligence. In his free time, he has fun writing songs and playing music.

Lex Schindler — Co-founder, Product Lead

Lex earned his Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Ventures from CMU. He has worked with neuro-prosthetic hands, and later Robotics and AI in Silicon Valley. To unwind, he enjoys playing violin and piano.