Congratulations to Eyitemi Popo and Gursimran Singh Sethi from LATYS

LATYS is leveraging groundbreaking research in the area of reconfigurable metasurfaces to create the world’s first non-reciprocal wireless relay system that breaks the current rules of antenna design. LATYS proprietary technology is built using non-resonant metasurfaces that allow us to build ultra-compact wireless relays that are dynamically reconfigurable and are inherently immune to interference, multipath fading, and noise.

  • Indoor WiFi
  • 5G
  • Industrial IoT



Eyitemo Popo — Co-founder & Product Lead

Eyitemi is a creative technologist and Forbes featured founder. She graduated magna cum laude from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts (USA) with a Bachelor’s in Digital Media (computer science & cognitive science). Eyitemi also holds a Master’s degree from the University of Waterloo in Digital Experience Innovation. She has worked in several industries in varying capacities including Digital Marketing, UX Research and Design, Innovation Strategy, Business Development, and Product Management. As a thought leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, she has spoken at Columbia University, UC Berkeley Haas, Talks at Google and keynoted McGill’s Desautel Africa Business Conference. Eyitemi brings 10 years of international experience in both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial environments to LATYS and is excited to re-imagine the user experience around wireless communications for future generations.

Gursimran Singh Sethi— Co-founder & Tech Lead

Gursimran is an RF/Antenna and Metamaterial design expert. He earned his BEng (Hons) degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his MASc degree from the University of Toronto in 2019 where he developed state-of-the-art low-profile reconfigurable antennas for Thales Alenia Space. His research has been focused on developing novel microwave and mm-wave antennas for Satellite, IoT, and 5G applications. He has held prestigious research and work positions at Princeton University and Apple and has been a recipient of multiple Canadian awards and international grants by the Antennas and Propagation Society of the IEEE. As an active member of the IEEE, Gursimran regularly contributes to academic conferences and journal articles pertaining to next-generation reconfigurable antennas. He has also filed for two US patents for his work in the area of reconfigurable antennas.