TandemLaunch Announces Initial $27M Closing of Ventures IV Fund

Focused on deep tech, including AI, IoT and sustainability the fund garners strong support from Canadian and international investors

Montreal, July 11th, 2024 – TandemLaunch, a leading Canadian venture creation studio and seed fund specializing in university technology transfers, proudly announces the first close of TandemLaunch Ventures Fund IV, (“TLVIV”) for initial proceeds of over $27M CAD. With a robust focus on deep tech and sustainability, TLVIV represents a significant milestone in TandemLaunch’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs. The fund garnered support from lead investors BDC Capital and Fonds de solidarité FTQ, and over 30 family offices and angel investors domestically and internationally, many of whom have been long term investors.

Led by Helge Seetzen and Émilie Boutros and managed by a multidisciplinary and diverse team, TandemLaunch has a distinguished track record of identifying and nurturing disruptive technologies, originally developed in university laboratories from all over the world, to prepare them for exponential growth. TLVIV will continue the mission of driving transformative change by providing capital and strategic guidance to companies in cutting-edge fields.

"One of the greatest challenges of a technology business is to remain at the forefront of innovation. I’m extremely proud of our ability to identify and nurture technologies from around the globe and turn them into thriving leading edge businesses. With TLVIV, we are now putting even more emphasis on new emerging sectors such as sustainability and climate tech. This provides us with the opportunity to further our vision of partnering with exceptional founders to create companies that are reshaping industries and pushing the boundaries of technological progress," said Helge Seetzen, CEO and Managing Partner.

“We are pleased to once again support TandemLaunch’s unique value creation model in Canada. Since its inception, TandemLaunch has been a champion in promoting diversity within its organization, as well as within the highly technical companies it creates, and has made a long-lasting positive impact on the start-up ecosystem. A renewed commitment to Tandemlaunch aligns perfectly with our mission to support the country’s most innovative firms right from their earliest stages and help them build sustainable fund franchises,” said Kristina D’Amico, Director, Fund Investments, BDC Capital.

"When we saw TandemLaunch, we quickly realized its potential. Their support enables many technology-based startups to pursue their goals and take on new challenges. We are proud to be a part of TandemLaunch and to be able to make a biggest impact in this ecosystem through this fund", explained Philippe P. Huneault, Vice President, Private Equity and Impact Investing
Technology, Fund Management and Chief International Business Development at the Fonds de solidarité FTQ.

"We are grateful for the trust and support of our investors and partners, who have been instrumental in the success of TLVI to III," added Émilie Boutros, Managing Partner. "Their unwavering support will allow us to foster the creation of more innovative Canadian companies backed by diverse entrepreneurs. Over the years, we have demonstrated that sustaining a more inclusive and multicultural ecosystem of talented entrepreneurs and technologists is not only rewarding, but a key success factor. At the personal level, it’s particularly gratifying to know that this is going to be part of our legacy and signature as an organization."

The TandemLaunch model is unique in Canada. It is based on its ability to identify disruptive technologies that have significant international commercial potential. By bringing together the best talent and the necessary seed capital, TandemLaunch facilitates a swifter startup journey while mitigating the risks inherent in bringing new, innovative technologies to market.

As TandemLaunch embarks on this exciting new chapter with TLVIV, the firm looks forward to forging new partnerships and creating lasting value for its investors and the broader entrepreneurial and academic community.


About TandemLaunch

TandemLaunch is a unique start-up foundry and seed fund focused on creating early-stage technology ventures in the fields of AI, Computer Vision, IoT and Advanced Sensors with a deepening commitment to sustainability and Advanced Materials. TandemLaunch works closely with cutting -edge research from the world’s best universities and with driven entrepreneurs to launch exceptional technology companies with a sizeable market opportunity. Since its foundation in 2010, TandemLaunch created over 30 successful ventures valued at over $700 million who employ over 800 high-tech workers in the province of Quebec. Notable portfolio companies include SPORTLOGiQ, WRNCH, Soundskrit, Mirametrix and HaiLa.

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