Investment in Canadian company, wrnch, Inc.

TOKYO — Nikon Corporation (Nikon) has invested USD $7.5 million in wrnch, Inc. (CEO: Dr. Paul A. Kruszewski, head office: Quebec, Canada, hereafter referred to as wrnch), a computer vision and deep learning startup.

Established in 2014, wrnch uses deep learning to develop and provide tools and software development kits (SDKs) that enable computers to see and understand human movement and activity. wrnch has also used its advanced work in pose estimation technologies to establish ties with major entertainment and communications companies. The company continues its operations in technical development, while raising funds continuously.

In accordance with its Medium-Term Management Plan, Nikon is striving to enhance its Imaging Business not only in the BtoC, but also in the BtoB markets. Nikon decided to make this investment based on the determination of new synergies created by combining resources of each company, which will expand the range of Nikon’s Imaging Business.
By fusing Nikon’s optical technologies and the automatic tracking shooting technologies of Mark Roberts Motion Control Limited, a subsidiary of Nikon, with wrnch’s pose estimation technologies, Nikon hopes to enhance its automatic shooting solutions, primarily for the sports market. Additionally, Nikon will endeavor to provide new imaging experiences with technologies such as AI.

Nikon will continue to pursue imaging possibilities by making further use of its optical technologies and collaborating with companies that offer their own innovative solutions and technologies.

wrnch overview

Company Name: wrnch, Inc.

Head Office: 1001 rue Lenoir Suite B101, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CEO: Dr. Paul A. Kruszewski

Business: The development and sale of computer vision and deep learning software

Foundation (Year): 2014

Stock Market: Unlisted

The information is current as of the date of publication. It is subject to change without notice.