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Innovation in the face of COVID-19

These are unprecedented times. The globalization of humanity has allowed countries to better utilize their comparative advantages while sharing technology, knowledge and capital, however, with this increasing interconnection has come a greater vulnerability to widespread chain-reactions when disaster strikes. The COVID-19 pandemic has, within only a few weeks, altered virtually every aspect of our lives. Uncertainty pervades the future of our lifestyles, our policies and our economies.

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1. What does TandemLaunch do?

TandemLaunch scouts, accelerates, and commercializes early-stage technologies in close partnership with entrepreneurs, universities, and consumer electronics companies. Our specialization is in commercially attractive innovation in the fields of human-computer interaction, video and image processing, and audio consumer technology. We collaborate with innovative entrepreneurs and technologists to turn these initial ideas into high quality start-up ventures that our partners then lead to international impact.

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